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Personalized product design service | We arrive where other providers fail.
Abadías Design

Discover our product design service.

Abadías has its own industrial design department and offers a personalized product design service for your corporate event or marketing action at no extra cost to you.

Thus, if you can not find among our extensive stock the item you are looking for you can always request this option to custom the design of  folders, briefcases, computer bags, documents bag, laptop sleeves, backpacks, etc.

Our professional staff will advise and guide you throughout the process to "create" an article tailored to your needs.

There are very few companies in the industry can offer this additional service plus their usual stock, however, Abadías offers this service to its customers from several years with great professionalism, with unbeatable delivery deadlines and a global transportation management and a nationally and internationally delivery scope, because we arrive where other providers fail.

>> View our section "products by request" to see some of our design projects.


Logo Bag & Baggage

Steps to apply for a bespoke project:

1. Contact us now and let us know your idea.

2. Your idea will move to our industrial design department, which will give shape to your idea and will create the sketches with several options.

3. We will send the digital drawings of these design options in detail.

4. Among these options you can choose the model that suits your needs and confirm the start of the manufacturing of a pre-production sample.

5. We will send the pre-production sample in order you can confirm it before the final production.

6. We will do several quality checks to ensure that a correct production is conducted.

7. We offer complete management of delivery of the goods at the place and delivery time.

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