Specialized area in the design and industrial development, customization product without cost

Abadías helps you to choose the technique that best suits your brand and the selected product. In addition to apply your brand to the product, you can go a step further and customize some accessories and details that make up the product, such as zippers, shoulder straps, pockets, etc.

ABAdesign offers a unique option in the sector: the possibility of designing and manufacturing an exclusive product totally adapted to your needs. The selection of measurements, shapes, colors and materials, enable your product to be unique in the market, 100% customizable, without additional cost and with the manufacture of a sample based on the final design.

The design and production department will advise and guide you in this process so that the result is totally satisfactory.

Customization techniques for
Examples of bespoke industrial design
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We design and customize in different materials and colors!

600D Two tones

Synthetic leather

600D PVC

1000D Nylon

512D Synthetic leather

300D Two tones


300D PVC

327D Synthetic leather

Cinta estampada

Extensive customization possibilities!

Bordado en contacto

Chapas de metal

Tiradores personalizables

Serigrafía en línea

Cinta bandolera estampada

Logos en caucho

Etiquetas textiles bordadas

Tiradores personalizables

Forros estampados

Pliegue personalizado

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Stock Reserve

Available service while model is confirmed


Sample shipment

Test and examine our products.


Customization of logos

Variety of logos marking techniques


Handling / Storage

We implement all your additional material (pens, usb.)


Reimbursable extra material

Shipment of additional product without marking, with the option of returning the excess


Customized complements

Pens, cases, usb memory.


Own designs and “ad-hoc” service

Personalized and exclusive creation of each project


Logistics / Urgent shipments

Fast and safe shipping

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