This area is specialized in providing products and services for training courses

Committed with training activity  we are specialized and we have the greatest variety of products and services that complement the best way, the material and the needs of the companies that work for.

We have an extensive range of products such as folders, briefcases, backpacks, shoulder bags, personalized merchandising such as, USB sticks, pens, notebooks, umbrellas, etc. Designed to increase student satisfaction and strengthen the image of the training entity. In addition, we have logos customization services, stock reservation, sample creation or manipulation and custom design. Solutions that give a great value to the training company.

Soluciones abalearning


Stock Reserve

Service available while the model is confirmed


Sample Submission

Test and check our products.


Logo Customization

Variety of logo marking techniques


Handling / Storage

We implement all your additional material (pens, usb.)


Integral advise

Shipment of additional product without marking with the option of returning the excess


Customized complements

Ballpoint pens, cases, usb memory.


Own designs and “ad-hoc”

Personalized and exclusive creation of each project


Logistics / Urgent shipments

Fast and safe shipping


ABAlearning. Whatever your training lines are.

We can give you advise about which products to usein order to achieve your goals of student satisfaction and the dissemination of your brand with the best relationship. In order to maximize the received value of your brand, we offer the possibility of designing the customized products in our ABAdesign area without cost.

Ask us for your customized pack, if we do not have it we will make it for you.

Abadías is the supplier of the main training companies

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