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With the recently publication last September, by CWT Meetings & Events,of its report "Forecasts about meetings and events of 2016," the MICE industry prepares for a positive growth in the next twelve months.

David Moran, executive manager of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, said that 'our forecast seeks to provide to our customers a thorough analysis of what will happen next so they can have relevant information to develop their budgets and prepare for next year negotiations. Whether you are focused on meetings, events or global deployment of the adoption of strategic meetings management, it is vital to prepare for the next year”

David Moran introduced his report with the question: What the 2016 will bring? and this report aims to provide comprehensive data for professional event organizers  - medium daily cost  per worker and average size of the included groups and relevant information of industry so they can plan and carry out their budgets by the year next.

Notably, some of the points that the report evidences on it and give emphasis for next year 2016, which is the scene where they acquire their full meaning, such as:

  1. -The high demand on spaces for meetings and events in North America will continue growing over the offer, so planning will be particularly relevant.

  2. -Moreover, the meetings and events industry in Europe is growing slow but steady so this factor will allow to purchasing managers win gain power.

  3. -Predictably, some high demand peaks will occur during the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 and during the Paralympic Games next summer, something that potentially will cut the quantity of available meeting spaces.

Faced to such forecasts, this report provides us with some good advice such as planning, to take advance in booking spaces, taking maximum care of our event budget, but without neglecting our attendees and take advantage of innovative technology related to the MICE sector, these are some of key factors that we need to take into account when we decide to develop our strategic plan for the next year.


  >> Read Report "Forecasts on meetings and events 2016"


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