20 years as suppliers of promotional material

Abadías has been more than 20 years in the business of designing, manufacturing and supplying the market with the latest trends in product design, new materials and personalization. Designed to adapt and satisfy our customers in a profitable, comfortable and versatile way, guaranteeing Quality standards according to ISO 9001 certified by AENOR.

All our products are made under our own production and therefore present a balance between the aesthetic, practical and functional in order to provide an intelligent, casual and dynamic image, becoming the reference supplier in the sectors of congresses and events, training courses and of business gift.

The specialization of Abadías by areas is based on taking advantage of daily knowledge and the performance of thousands of client activities each year, to innovate in solutions that, in advance, facilitate the work of your client and help improve the final result of activity.

In aspects ranging from sustainability, experience and satisfaction, to the profitability of the investment made in its products and services, our products are highly valued by end users for:

  • Have designs developed for each potential user profile.
  • Constant innovation that is based on research and development.
  • Use of new materials in the manufacture of each product.
  • The innovative union of aesthetics with functionality and comfort.


Firtsly to be the leading company in development, production and marketing of products with an excellent quality and complete reliability. Also, promoting the integral development of our staff, our clients, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders to achieve, with social responsibility, growth, profitability and the necessary solidity.


To be the global reference company in the provision of all the products and services necessaries for congresses and events, training courses and for corporate and promotional gifts.


Abadías is aware of our social commitment and our four essential values, we continue to grow as a company and improve the way we do things.

Innovation: Innovate in solutions that in advance facilitate the work of our client and help improve the final result of the activity.

Loyalty and respect: we are committed to our customers, employees, employees, shareholders and to generate positive repercussions of our activity.

Honesty: We are integral and coherent between what we think, do, say and feel, framed in our company policy.

Responsibility: We fulfill our obligations focused on excellence by making proper use of resources.


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The commitment of Abadías with quality
We ensure your tranquility

Every day we work excellence in the processes established in our Quality system according to ISO 9001: 2015 certified by AENOR, to offer a product and a service based on quality management and constant innovation. In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers we are committed to meet some requirements:

  • Pay special attention to their needs and expectations.
  • Take into account the legal and regulatory requirements that may apply.
  • Offer our own requirements to give the best possible management.
  • Continuously train the hired personnel to know the operation of the company and the importance of our quality management system.
  • Organize recycling training actions for the personnel  that allows an improvement in the execution of their tasks.
  • Promote internal communication between departments as a basis for good company management.
  • Study and develop new points of improvement in work methods, which provide agility, better organization and control of work, as well as the reduction of internal errors with the aim to offer a better service to the client.
  • Ensure that the necessary processes for the correct Quality Management System are established, implemented and maintained.


Social commitment | Abadías
Member of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact

For six years now, we have been actively partners with the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact (The global compact). This line of work and evolution is very important for Abadías and is based on the 10 principles that this organization disseminates and projects based on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Principles that enjoy a universal consensus and that derive from four fundamental points:

  • The universal declaration of human rights.
  • The declaration of the international organization of work on fundamental principles and rights at work.
  • The declaration of Rio on the environment and development.
  • The United Nations convention against corruption.
  • These four points are the origin of 10 fundamental principles, loaded with social and ethical values, within the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. From here, we want to make clear that we support and will continue working committed to these principles and your values ​​as part of our business ethics.

Services and sustainable products
Helpline for producers in disadvantaged countries – Fair Trade Cotton Products

As part of our collaboration in solidarity projects, we believed in the need to collaborate in aid projects whose base is focused on small cotton producers in developing countries. For this reason, Abadías embarked one day in the production of Fairtrade articles, made with Fair Trade cotton, this product line carries a label that identifies them as such so that when you acquire them you know that you are collaborating with a solidarity project. This Fairtrade seal is the independent guarantee that the cotton of these products has been produced in accordance with International Fair Trade standards.

In this way, in addition to participating, we also want to give our clients the opportunity to collaborate with this initiative, buying the articles of this line. The purchase of this product, makes possible the improvement of working conditions and life of cotton producers in developing countries.

Servicios y productos sostenibles

Línea de ayuda a productores en países desfavorecidos – Productos Algodón Comercio Justo

Como parte de nuestra colaboración en proyectos solidarios, creímos en la necesidad de colaborar en proyectos de ayuda cuya base se centrase en los pequeños productores de algodón de países en vías de desarrollo. Por ese motivo, Abadías se embarcó un día en la producción de artículos Fairtrade, fabricados con algodón de Comercio Justo, esta línea de productos lleva consigo una etiqueta que los identifica como tal para que cuando los adquieras sepas que estas colaborando con un proyecto solidario. Este sello Fairtrade es la garantía independiente de que el algodón de estos productos ha sido producido conforme a los estándares internacionales de Comercio Justo.

De esta forma, además de participar nosotros, queremos dar la oportunidad también a nuestros clientes de colaborar con esta iniciativa, comprando los artículos de esta línea. La compra de este producto, posibilita la mejora de las condiciones de trabajo y de la vida de los productores de algodón en los países en vías de desarrollo.

Collaboration with Solidarity Projects

Aware of the existence of a vulnerable and disadvantaged environment on many occasions, we humbly wanted to do our bit, collaborating with various NGOs of international projection (Ayuda en Acción, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children) with large relief and reconstruction projects of villages, construction of schools and hospitals in disadvantaged areas and without resources, providing food aid services and collection and delivery of school materials, sponsorship of children in underdeveloped countries, as well as various awareness projects in Spain.

Discover more about our sustainable area
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 Budget request 24/7 –  the 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, from our website. Also by email and telephone during office hours.

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Reserve of stock

Possibility of making a stock reservation on the promotional item that interests you while deciding quantity and final product.



Sample Submission

Sending samples to examine the article to choose and check its suitability.



Extra material refundable.

Shipment of additional product without marking with the option of returning the excess.


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Own designs and “ad-hoc”

Abadías can design and manufacture exclusive promotional products when customers request them. NO ADDED COST.

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Sustainable productions

Strong commitment with the environment,  sustainable products and materials.

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Customization of logos

Wide variety of techniques and accessories to customize your logo.

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Handling / Storage

Manipulation of the item for insertion of complements sent by the client as brochures, notepads, etc. As well as the possibility of partial storage and shipment of the order.

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3D development for USB and Power Bank

Special and adapted design to your logo, pen, etc.

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Recording data in USB

We add the content you need to the device.

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Marked complements

We provide and customize promotional accessories such as USB sticks, pens, cases, etc. about any item.

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Logistics / Urgent shipments

We ship internationally. Apply for more information about international shipping costs.

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Global advice

Advice on promotional items that best suit your target audience and sets according to your needs to strengthen your corporate image.

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Immediate answer

Immediate management and delivery of promotional material in stock since we have our own infrastructure that performs all processes in chain.

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Quality – Price

We offer the highest level of quality of our products at the most competitive price.

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Outlet & Promotions

Constant promotions for our customers. We will keep you updated on our promotions and products in liquidation.

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